— Car spare parts  —

We have the largest stock of American car spare parts in northern Finland.
We also deliver GM, Mopar and Ford genuine parts

  (not all on the shelf, but generally deliveries are fast).

To find the right part, we have official GM and Mopar spare parts programs

In stock incl:

Electrical system
                                * spark plugs and brand specific spark plug wiring harnesses
                                * distributor covers, rotors, breaker points, condersers
                                * ignition modules, etc.
                                * temperature, pressure and vacuum sensors
                                * light and flashing switches
                                * switches for doors and windows and for heating installations
                                * alternators, starts and motors for the heater fan

                                * oil filters
                                * automatic transmission filters
                                * air filters
                                * fuel filters for gasoline / diesel

Fuel pumps

Chassis parts
                                * joints
                                * brake parts
                                * shock absorbers
                                * coil springs (leaf springs OEM parts)

                               * V-belts and serpentine belts
                               * pulleys
                               * tensioners etc.

                               * Martelius general parts 2-3"
                               * general purpose catalysts
                               * fastening supplies

                              * wide range of individual seals and seal kits

Diesel parts 6.2D ja 6.5D
                               * fuel injector pumps
                               * fuel pumps
                               * fuel Pump Drive Modules
                               * resistors
                               * heat sinks

Other repair parts include engines, differential assemblys , automatic transmissions, etc.

If a spare part is out of stock, we will try to get it as soon as possible