— Car care services —

We have the professional staff with long experience in car surface maintenance.
Very often people are asked to polish the car's surface, although almost all waxing is almost always sufficient.
Polishing is used to sand the car's lacquer surface, whereby its layer also becomes thinner.
The cars of the 21st century have a very thin lacquer surface, so it is worth saving and waxing the car regularly to prevent the surface from oxidizing / fading.

— Surface washes —

Always done by hand and without damaging the paint. Drying of door frames is also part of this function.

— Inside Cleansers —

Vacuuming, vinyl cleaning, window cleaning.
We also do wet washing of the benches, in which case the benches should dry for 1 day

— Waxing —

Always includes a decent clean-up with tar and desalting.
Available with 1-layer waxing
(protection period about 3 months)
or 2-layer waxing

(protection period about 6 months)

— Car care products —

                        For car care products we have the professional kits Autoglym and Presta.
                          Based on years of experience, we can advise you on the right product
                                                             for every destination.
                        Sponges, brushes and other car care accessories are also available.

                                           With the right tools for a great end result .....